Upon producing relevant educational and experience details, the candidates are trained as per the guidelines of ASNT norms. The candidates will undergo theoretical and practical examinations at the end of the training program. The successful candidates are certified as Level II and Level I. The certification bears an International recognition and theCandidates are eligible to work on International projects, worldwide.
Visual Inspection (VT)
It includes introduction to visual testing, fundamentals of vision, test equipments such as mirrors, magnifiers, boroscopes, fiberscope, manufacturing processes and discontinuities. We have a team of professionals and skilled trainers who strive to cater your requirements.
Dye Penetrant Testing (DPT)
It includes basics of penetrant testing, penetrant groups, pre-cleaning methods, penetrant removal techniques, types of developers and application procedures, inspection procedures, sensitivity & resolution concepts, accessories and types of discontinuities.
Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT) 
It includes basics of magnetism, magnetisation techniques, types of currents, inspection mediums, inspection techniques, test equipments & accessories, demagnetisation, types of indications, manufacturing processes and types of discontinuities.
Radiography Testing (RT)
It includes nuclear physics, interaction of radiation with matter, shielding, radiation detectors, biological effects, radiation protection, basic safety rules, sources of radiation and their characteristics, film construction and film processing.
Ultrasonic Testing (UT) 
It includes properties of sound waves, generation of ultrasound, interaction of ultrasound with matter and boundaries, types of probes, test techniques, test equipment, instrumentation, test variables, inspection procedures and types of discontinuities.
Radiography Film Interpretation (RTFI)
If discontinuity is present, the radiographic interpreter applies the criteria specified by the code to which the weld must comply in order to ascertain if it is a defect or an acceptable condition.
Eddy current testing is one of several non-destructive testing methods that use the electromagnetism principle. Conventional eddy current testing utilises electromagnetic induction to detect discontinuities in conductive materials. A specially designed coil energised with alternating current is placed in proximity to the test surface generating changing magnetic-field which interacts with the test-part producing eddy current in the vicinity.Variations in the changing phases and magnitude of these eddy currents is then monitored. The electrical conductivity variations or magnetic permeability of the test-part, or the presence of any discontinuities, will cause a change. The changes are shown on a screen for easy interpretation.
Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)
The phased array course provides the knowledge required to perform manual & encoded phased array testing on butt welds in Plates, Pipes and Pressure Vessels. The course covers theoretical and practical aspects on phased array application, its advantages and limitations. The course also covers the requirements for application of phased array as per code requirements. To impart adequate understanding for onsite application, our training is done using all necessary accessories such as calibration blocks, validation samples, encoder, scanners for different size applications, etc.

For this course, we strongly recommend participants possess knowledge in UT weld examination as Level II. At the end of the course, examination shall be conducted. The training programme shall be conducted by experienced PAUT practitioners and academic professionals who have been working in the application of PAUT.
CSWIP 3.1 
The Certification Scheme for Welding and Inspection Personnel is a comprehensive scheme which provides for the examination and certification of individuals seeking to demonstrate their knowledge and/or competence in their field of operation. The scope of Certification Scheme for Welding and Inspection Personnel includes all levels of Welding Inspectors, Welding Supervisors, Plant Inspectors, Welding Instructors, Underwater Inspectors and NDT personnel.

Due to COVID-19 TWI has announced Discount on the course fee for which you need to attend
* 3 Days seminar (online)
* 1 day practical (offline)
* 1 day exam (Directly at the exam centres)

CSWIP 3.1 

Sl No Preparatory Start Date End Date Exam Date Venue Month
1 04-23 Jan 2021 25-Jan-21 28-Jan-21 29-Jan-21 CHENNAI FEB
2 01-20 Feb 2021 22-Feb-21 25-Feb-21 26-Feb-21 CHENNAI MAR
3 01-20 Mar 2021 22-Mar-21 25-Mar-21 26-Mar-21 CHENNAI MAR
4 29-17 april 2021 19-Apr-21 22-Apr-21 23-Apr-21 CHENNAI APR
5 03-22 May 2021 24-May-21 27-May-21 28-May-21 CHENNAI JUNE
6 31-19 June 2021 21-Jun-21 24-Jun-21 25-Jun-21 CHENNAI JUNE
7 05-24 July 2021 26-Jul-21 29-Jul-21 30-Jul-21 CHENNAI AUG
8 03-22 Aug 2021 24-Aug-21 27-Aug-21 28-Aug-21 CHENNAI AUG
9 06-25 sept 2021 27-Sep-21 30-Sep-21 01-Oct-21 CHENNAI OCT
10 04-23 Oct 2021 25-Oct-21 28-Oct-21 29-Oct-21 CHENNAI NOV
11 08-27 Nov 2021 29-Nov-21 02-Dec-21 03-Dec-21 CHENNAI DEC
12 29-18 Dec 2021 20-Dec-21 23-Dec-21 24-Dec-21 CHENNAI DEC
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